How Cross-Functional Risk Management Enables Business Strategy


Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 at 12pm (Central)

Interdisciplinary ThinkingBusiness leaders stay abreast of an ever-changing external landscape, from evolving threats and changing macroeconomic conditions to consumer sentiment and competitors. In some cases, there can be just as much change internally - rapid deployment of product features, operational changes, a growing team, corporate shuffling, shifts in business strategy, expansion to new markets, and on and on. 
How do leaders build and implement our roadmaps in a way that stays true to the mission but is agile enough to keep up with all this change? What is needed to avoid issues slipping through the cracks?
Tune in to learn about how the kind of interdisciplinary thinking developed at the University of Chicago comes in handy in the corporate environment. 

Key Takeaways from this Webinar:

  • Importance of cross-functional collaboration; how thinking in an interdisciplinary way is a must to optimizing everyone's talent
  • Practical ways to operationalize cross-functional collaboration through enterprise risk management 
  • Lessons from security for the rest of the organization
  • Risk communication and acceptance as critical parts of corporate strategy
  • Using security and risk to enable growth and reputation


About the Presenter: 
Eileen Filmus, AM'15 is a security and risk strategist passionate about mitigating threats at the intersection of global security, privacy and cybercrime. Her background includes security program leadership, GRC, counter-terrorism research, geopolitical intelligence, and analyst experience across a diverse range of international organizations.
Prior to her work at the hypergrowth unicorn, Brex, she founded the Geo-Cyber division at consulting firm VerSprite-- the first of its kind in the cybersecurity space. The group assesses how political, economic, social, cultural and regulatory factors serve as drivers of threats and opportunities to companies' financial, operational and reputational health. She completed the International Relations MA program under the guidance of John Mearsheimer and Robert Pape. More info at



Date: Tuesday, May 12th, 2020 at 12pm (Central)
Cost: Complimentary
Location: Online
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Sam Constance
Assistant Director, Career Development
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