Mind Your Career: Connect With Students in Your City

When we ask alumni, “How do you want to connect with UChicago”? The common answer is, “I want to connect with students but I live/work away from campus.” Say no more! Join us for this webinar with staff who can help you connect locally.

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This webinar will explain how you, as an alumna/us of the University of Chicago, can connect with current and prospective students and give back to UChicago. 


Alumni Schools Committee presented by Mason Heller, AB'15

The Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the legacy of the University of Chicago; to connect with other bright, passionate, and interesting alumni; and to engage the next generation of UChicago students. As a member of the ASC, you will join over 4,000 active alumni in conducting prospective student interviews, attending local college fairs, and supporting regional admissions sessions and receptions. Our ability to connect with high school students in a meaningful and personal way depends on enthusiastic volunteer support from alumni like you. By volunteering, you can share your love of the College with prospective students and ensure that the best young minds in the world are excited about the University of Chicago!  Learn more at asc.uchicago.edu

  Career Treks presented by Clare Nowogrocki and Ruthie Robinson


Career Treks are one to three day trips that give undergraduate students the opportunity to visit industry-specific employers across the United States and abroad. During the trek experience, students meet with three to four companies per day. Career Advancement welcomes alumni to get involved in the Treks Program by hosting students at your workplace for a site visit, which typically includes a tour of the facility, a view into daily life, and an overview of internship and full time positions at your organization. This is a unique opportunity for you to share your knowledge and experience with current UChicago students who are interested in your career path!

  Dinner With 12 Maroons presented by Lauren Mimms-Bockmier

Find out how to get involved in the most popular Student Alumni Committee event in Chicago, Dinner with 12 Maroons.  We host nine dinners in the winter quarter as an opportunity for alumni, faculty, and undergraduate students to engage with each other and cultivate the bonds of the UChicago community. Attendees include two UChicago alumni, nine current undergraduate students and one faculty member, for a total of twelve attendees. An alum hosts each dinner at their home or a restaurant near Hyde Park or South Loop. If you've always wanted to connect with current students and faculty members, this is a great opportunity for you! Learn more at Dinner with 12 Maroons.










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