Mind Your Career: Career Blind Spots You Never Knew Existed

If you knew what your "ick" factor was could/would you begin making corrections so that people could have a more positive experience of you? Webinar is followed by Continue the Conversation online networking, you can register for one or both sessions.

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Working with different personalities can either be an adventure or nightmare. The experience that other people have of you can determine whether you get hired, promoted, or considered for new opportunities within your field or company. This can be a nail biter and exhausting if you're trying to re-enter or expand your reach within your chosen industry. The continual feeling of being overlooked or rejected can be enough to make one feel defeated and overwhelmed. 

But, what if there is something that others see or experience with you that you are unaware of? This is called a blind spot; and if these blind spots persist, they become the “ick” that people try to avoid. However, what if you knew what your “ick" was and could begin making corrections so people could have a more positive experience of you? 

In this webinar, you will learn the following:
• The five types of career “ick” that people have
• How to identify at least one career “ick” that may be sticking to you (everyone has at least one)
• How to go from “ick” to top pick!

University of Chicago alumna, Dr. Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW, CHt, Rh.D. is a nationally renowned mental health expert and founder of International High Achievers. She works with high achieving professionals all over the world to help them clear the blocks that keep them stuck in unhealthy and unproductive places so they can achieve their full potential. Her ability to speak and work with clients in deeply profound, practical, and inclusive ways has drawn people from various backgrounds and with varying histories. To learn more about Dr. Cristerna you can visit her site at www.HighAchiever.net.

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