Renown Op-Ed Columist, Politics Panelist and University Trustee, David Brooks, AB'83

Best Selling Author Signs and Discusses his Latest Book, "The Road To Character"

Best selling author and widely followed conservative New York Times opinion editorial columnist, David Brooks, AB'83, once wrote, "People want reality that tells them how right they are all the time." Brooks' writing has no part in that reality.

For example, when President Obama announced a plan to make community college tuition free, the conservative Brooks cited drop-out rates and argued that it was good for neither students nor the nation. "We don’t need another program that will lure students into colleges only to have them struggle and drop out."

Discussing the growing field seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Brooks declared, "At this stage in the race it’s best to evaluate candidates the way you evaluate pitchers during the first week of spring training. Don’t think about polls, donor gossip or who has the front-runner label. Ask who makes the catcher’s glove pop loudest. Who has the stuff that makes you do a double take?"

His latest book is The Road to Character: The Humble Journey to an Excellent Live examines how character was developed in 10 prominent lives, is described as Brooks' "most eye-opening and deeply personal book yet." The title is reminiscent of the way the veteran journalist describes his humbling experience after he joined The Times in 2003. "It was the worst six months of my life," he said. "I had never been hated on a mass scale before."

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